Young responds to Abdullah …”WE DO NOT HAVE TERRORIST NAMES”

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Super Minister Stuart Young says the Government is not in possession of the names of persons whom the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) may have done intelligence reports on, including those that they deemed to be terrorists.

Responding to Umar Abdullah of the Islamic Front, who has challenged the Government to release names of those financing terrorism, Young said there was no suggestion that those deemed to be terrorists are of any suasion, religious or otherwise.

“Once the FIU produces intelligence reports these are passed onto the appropriate law enforcement authorities. This may include foreign law enforcement and includes the TTPS via its Financial Intelligence Bureau,” he said in a statement.

“This government fully supports the upholding of the laws and views money laundering and the financing of terrorists (as set out by the law) as very serious offenses. We trust that the FIU, FIB and other law enforcement agencies will continue to do their world to the best of their ability and with the knowledge that they have the government’s support,” he added.

Young said the FIU’s annual report will be laid in Parliament at the first sitting of 2017 on January 6.

At the Post-Cabinet press conference last Thursday, Young said there were 182 nationals of this country involved in terrorist financing.

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