Young: “Why is Miss John so anxious?”

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“Why is Jearlean John so anxious?”

This was the question asked by acting Attorney General Stuart Young in response to a call from the former HDC Managing Director Jearlean John to serve her with any allegations during her tenure at the corporation.

At the post-cabinet press conference on Thursday, Young said there was a good reason why documents filed by the Office of the Attorney General in court to prosecute persons who stole taxpayers’ money, are sealed.

Young found reported threats by John and her attorney Gerald Ramdeen, at an earlier news conference, “very, very interesting.”

Told that John and Ramdeen alleged they would reveal information contained in these same documents if they were not served the documents by next Tuesday, Young countered, “I find Miss Jearlean John quite presumptuous because at no stage has anyone said who the defendants are.”

He added, “So maybe Miss Jearlean John and her attorney Senator Ramdeen have something to tell the country. Something that they’re feeling a little jumpy about.” On why the media was unable to access documents filed in the Civil Registry, Young said, “There is a valid reason. The first point to understand is that these are civil proceedings that have been filed by the Office of the Attorney General as one of the claimants in the matter and there are very, very good reasons why these proceedings have not as yet been served and therefore not as yet public documents.”

Young further explained, “With civil proceedings, it is important to know that according to the Civil Proceedings Rules, you have four months within which, after you file documents, to serve them on the defendants.

A number of things can take place within that four-month period. I guarantee to the population that there is very good reason why there has not been service of these documents as yet and why these documents have not been made public as yet. There is no procedure within which you can be forced to serve proceedings.”

He continued, “The Government has been very, very careful not to indicate who the defendants are. That is for a very specific purpose that you are permitted to utilise before serving proceedings.”

Young asked, “Why is Miss John so anxious? The AG released absolutely no documents whatsoever. So until there has been service of the proceedings I think everyone should allow the process to take place.”

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