For years politicians were close to them …”IN BED WITH GANG LEADERS”

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What Dr Ramesh Deosaran revealed on Thursday is nothing new.

Politicians close to gang leaders or community leaders.

Deosaran said the alliances between politicians, gang leaders and community leaders have been undermining the operations and morale of the Police Service.

Deosaran said because of such relationships, the gang leaders feel so empowered they even challenge the police in executing their duty.

Deosaran said there was need for a serious review of the alliances between politicians, gang members and so-called community leaders.

He added, “The issue is serious enough. With that kind of alliance you create an evil monster that has turned into a Frankenstein, which puts the security services and the public generally on the defensive by these so-called gang leaders and community leaders.”

He said we know what has been happening from one government to the next “to be bold enough to put this troublesome issue on the agenda, because it does subvert effective policing. The police become caught in the middle of this horrendous growing Frankenstein.”

“When you have these alliances, for example, in the specific case of engineering certain contracts for appeasing potential or current criminals, I think let the police investigate a crime committed by any one of such criminals. The police either get side-tracked or obstructed in several ways. That is, you are entering into a terrain that is almost untouchable,” he said.

Deosaran said it was surprising that such alliances could have been organised for such a long time.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Harold Phillip, said historically there has always been a degree of perception that gang leaders are rewarded with government contracts.

He added, “They seem to have resources to allow them to continue being involved in criminal activities. They invest quite a substantial number of their resources into criminal activities.”

The most significant relationship is the one where then Prime Minister, Patrick Manning, held a meeting with community leaders at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port-of-Spain in September 2006. There were at least 21 leaders there, most of them really were gang leaders.

The majority have since been killed.

They included Sean Francis, G-Unit’s Kerwin “Fresh” Phillip, Meryn “Cudjoe” Allamby, of San Juan, Sean Sandy, of St Barb’s, Ricardo Boboy, of Bagatellle, Diego Martin, Sheldon “Crock” Scott, Verne Pierre, Mark Guerra, and Herbert “Screw Up” John.

Government Ministers have been close to these community leaders, whether PNM, UNC or NAR. Look what happened to Marlene Mc Donald just a few months ago. She was fired because of her association with Sea Lots residents, Cedric Burke, who turned up at President’s House for her second swearing-in.
Inline image
Patrick Manning with “Crock”
Inline image
Patrick Manning with Mark Guerra, right
Inline image
Cedric Burke who stormed President’s House

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