Worshipper killed outside Mosque …”FORMER MURDER SUSPECT SLAIN”

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A man who was a suspect in a double murder last year, was shot dead in his car outside a mosque in Arima on Saturday night.

Police said Quincy Peters, alias, “Tractor”, was shot dead by two masked gunmen as Muslims observe the Holy month of Ramadan.

According to reports, around 7.30 pm, Peters was seated in his car in the car park of the Masjid al Falaah, Railway Road, in Arima, when gunmen opened fire on him. He died inside the car.

Peters went to the mosque to break his fast.

Peters was detained for questioning in connection with the double murder of Haffiza Rose Mohammed and teenager Videsh Subar.

Mohammed and Subar were killed at Mohammed’s Malabar home on June 28 last year.

Their throats were slit and several items, including Mohammed’s car, were stolen from the house.

Three men, including Mohammed’s brother 54-year-old Solomon Baksh, were eventually charged in connection with the murder. Also charged were Devon Edwards, 35 and Wayne Liverpool, 25.

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