Woman ordered to pay $75,000 in damages …”FACEBOOK USERS – BEWARE!”

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A High Court Judge has ordered a woman to pay $75,000 in damages, after she posted a false claim against a prisons officer on Facebook in 2016, stating that she left her children unattended alongside the road.

Justice Margaret Mohammed also ordered that the woman pay the legal costs of the prisons officer.
On January 24, 2016, the woman Ama Charles wrote on Facebook:

“Trying to get on to Heidi Joseph she left her kids in the road at my home and I am unable to contact her. Anyone with information or who can relay the message please assist asap?? Beyond the Tape Ian Alleyne, The TV6 News.”

Charles admitted to publishing the words on her personal Facebook page but she denied that she caused the publication on the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Facebook page.

She also denied that the words have a defamatory meaning.

However, in delivering her judgment, Justice Mohammed said the reasonable person reading the post would have concluded that the claimant was an irresponsible mother for leaving her children by the road unsupervised in front of the house by a third party whom she did not know.

The judgment comes as a warning to all Facebook users to be wary of what they post, especially making derogatory remarks against other persons.

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