Woman missing for 8 years …FAMILY STILL HAVE HOPE

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Abigail Joseph has been missing for more than eight years, but her family is not giving up hope that one day she will walk through the door to their home.

Her brother Anton Joseph has not given up hope.

Anton came out on Monday to give support in the “Peace Walk” which took place through the streets of Port of Spain in memory of slain bank worker, Shannon Banfield.

Anton said he stood in solidarity with Shannon’s family. But he is still searching for his missing sister.

He added, “This year was eight years since Abigail has gone missing. I think she was lured into the car she was taken in and I do not think that she is dead. We believe she is out there somewhere, alive in the world, taken against her will. So I am here to show solidarity with these grieving men and women, friends and relatives of Ms. Shannon Banfield.

“We know what it is like for someone to go missing without a trace. In this case, I am saddened to know that Ms. Banfield was killed. That is tragic and we mourn with them. But not knowing the fate of your loved one is just as worse sometimes. So while we are here to show our support for Ms. Banfield, I also want Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the rest of the world, to know that we have not forgotten Abigail. She is still in our thoughts, and in our hearts, and we hope that one day we will know what happened and would see her again,” Anton added.

Abigail Joseph was last seen boarding a Cascade taxi in Port of Spain on September 2, 2008, after dropping off her then-eight-year-old son Nathaniel to school. She has not been seen since.



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