Woman dies from seizure at hotel …”WHO IS THE MYSTERY MAN?”

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It is not unusual for couples to flock to hotels for leisurely sex. In several cases, men have succumbed to heart attacks while in the company of women.

But last Saturday, the tables were turned as a woman died in the company of a man. But the man never stuck around to render assistance. He fled the hotel and drove away in the woman’s car which was later found abandoned by police.

So, who is the mystery man? A married man? A former lover? Police are asking.

Lyndsay Sabrina Layne, a mother of one, was found in the hotel around 4.30 pm on Saturday.

Her mother, Josephine John, said her daughter had no history of illness and news of her daughter suffering a seizure was shocking.

John pleaded yesterday for the man who left her daughter to come forward and say what happened.

John added, “I got a call from the cops telling me my daughter died. The thing is it’s not strangulation, it’s a seizure.

The police not suspecting foul play, but they said they would still investigate to find out what really happen because they need to find out the person who was with her.

“If he is innocent then it makes no sense he hides. Because the autopsy shows that it’s a seizure. It’s not a strangulation. So better he clear his name,” John said.

John called on the man to come forward rather than he is arrested as investigators are still trying to determine what might have caused the seizure.

She said that her only child, who lived Orange Grove Road, St Augustine, was separated from her husband for a while and had one child, an eight-year-old girl.

John said that the man she was last seen with may have gotten scared and fled but should step forward and provide as much information as possible.

She continued, “It will look bad to him if they go and arrest him. Maybe he got scared and run off, but it’s better he come forward and say something because hiding is only going to make him look guilty. I hope he just comes forward and clear his name,” she said.

Police said workers at the motel realized something was wrong when the man left alone and went to investigate.

They called the police after finding Layne’s lifeless body on the motel floor.
Lyndsay Sabrina Layne

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