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 A mother of three died on Wednesday night in a fire at her home in St Helena Village.

Dhanmatie Radhoo, 43, suffered first degree burns and died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Radhoo and her husband Hemchand were asleep around 10.30 p.m. together with their two daughters Angelina 9 and Naomi 7. Their eldest daughter Felicia, 20, a hotel receptionist, was at work.

Radhoo’s niece, Alana Mohammed, who resides in the upper part of the house smelt smoke and on checking downstairs saw the entire lower part of the house engulfed in smoke.

Mohammed began screaming for help and Radhoo’s brother, who lives nearby, and neighbours came running.

They smashed the windows of the bedrooms which were engulfed in smoke.

Radhoo’s husband grabbed their two daughters and ran to a back door. He could not see Radhoo as the fire raged and the smoke grew heavier.

Radhoo was heard screaming and ran to the front section of her house as the back was impassable with fire, eyewitnesses reported.

However the door and windows were bolted shut and blocked by burglar proofing.

She stood at the front of the house with nowhere to turn, pounding the windows and walls with her hands in vain.

 Radhoo’s two brothers and neighbours took a sledge hammer and broke through the wall. They then tied a length of rope to a pick up truck, and to the burglar proof. The used the vehicle to pull the burglar proofing off.

 Radhoo’s eldest brother then reached in through the window and grabbed her. Her skin peeled off her lifeless body as she had already suffered major burns to her hands and legs.

Radhoo was immediately taken to the resuscitation area where doctors and nurses attended to her.

Dhanmatie Radhoo

Dhanmatie Radhoo

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