Woman battered by deranged ex-lover …”THE MIRACLE ESCAPE”

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It is being called the miracle escape. A gun pointed at a woman’s head did not go off. She was then mercilessly beaten with the gun point and survived. Yet, her attacker took the easy way out, drank poison and died.

Kemba Olufemi, 52, is thanking God for another chance at life. “I am alive. Thank God for life.”

Olufemi is resting at the San Fernando General Hospital. Her head is heavily bandaged but she is alert. She admitted that she never knew that her attacker, Lloyd Logan, 62, would have harmed her.

She said her affair him ended, but agreed to meet him to talk.

Logan had initially tried to shoot her with. When the gun jammed, Logan used its butt to beat her, before eventually taking his own life with poison.

Olufemi told police she went to Tropical Plaza, Pointe-a-Pierre, on Monday to meet Logan although she had broken off their relationship two weeks ago. She said he walked up to her while she was seated in her car, pulled out a gun, aimed it at her and pulled the trigger.

She said she heard three clicks but the gun did not go off. She told officers she remembered being beaten and crying out for help, but after that she only remembered waking up at the hospital.

Olufemi suffered serious head injuries, including several lacerations and a fractured skull.

Logan’s relatives said the man they saw carrying out the brutal act in the video was not the Lloyd Logan they knew and loved. They said he was neither a monster nor was he violent.

The relatives apologized to Olufemi and her family.

Nephew Benjamin Franklyn said, “We are deeply sorry that this incident took place. We had no idea. I don’t know what drove him to do that. The Devil is busy, just waiting until you are weak. That is why we have to kneel down in prayer.We found out on social media. This is a shock to all of us. There was no sign”

Logan, who lived alone at Perseverance Village, Couva, separated from his wife several years ago.

Logan’s son, Leroy Baptiste, 40, stated, “It was surprising. No words could express, we are speechless. I always know him as a jolly, sprightly person. He was always happy and was enjoying his life. That is the person I know. I don’t know what caused that transformation.”

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Kemba Olufemi
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Lloyd Logan 

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