Will Shannon get justice? …SECOND SUSPECT WALKS FREE

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It is back to square one for the Police Service.

The two suspects detained in connection with the murder of Shannon Banfield, have both been released.

On Saturday, Matthew Maharaj, 18, was released. Late on Monday night, Dale Seecharan, 38, walked out of Riverside Plaza, Port-of-Spain.

The decision to free Seecharan followed a meeting between investigators and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Roger Gaspard.

Now that the autopsy results have confirmed that Shannon was smothered to death, where will the police turn, despite vital evidence in their possession?

Did they release the second suspect because he had been in custody for 96 hours? Are they coming back for him?
On Monday, the lawyer representing Seecharan, confirmed that his client had been released.

The lawyer was informed around 10.35 pm, about half an hour after Seecharan was released.

While in custody, Seecharan did not cooperate with the police. He did not give statements to investigators. The lawyer said his client did not willingly participate in the interview process, but he did subject himself to a medical test.

Shannon, 20, left her place of employment, Republic Bank, Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, on December 5 to go to Pennywise and IAM and Company, both on Charlotte Street. She shopped at Pennywise and was seen entering IAM at 5 pm.

Video footage shows Shannon being escorted by a male employee upstairs the IAM building. But the footage shows she never left the building. She was found dead on December 8 on the third floor of the building, hidden under boxes, with her Pennywise bags nearby.

A post-mortem performed last Friday by Dr. Hughvon Des Vignes was inconclusive, but when he completed his report, the pathologist revealed that Shannon was smothered to death. That is consistent with a struggle between Shannon and her killer (s), explaining why she had broken skin under her nails.

Shannon’s funeral takes place on Tuesday.

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