Why was sedition included?

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THE EDITOR: Is the Rowley-led PNM Government attempting to infringe the rights and freedom of citizens as enshrined in the a constitution.

Why did Faris Al-Rawi include a clause about SEDITION in the recently failed Anti-Gang Legislation.

Sedition in a broad sense is the crime of revolting or inciting revolt against the government.

But Rowley and Al-Rawi want to take away your right to protest, to speak out against their mismanagement of the country.

Remember PNM has budgeted millions for equipment “to maintain public order” as part of the $2.32B allocated to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service in the 2017-2018 Budget… “canister grenades, projectiles, water cannon a number of different equipment as well as mobile tracking units.”

This type of equipment which is used to quell riots and social unrest.

It was Al-Rawi who stood up in Parliament and made the staggering declaration, “there is no right to privacy, as some people allege exists in this jurisdiction” and then went further by declaring that to bypass the requirement for Opposition’s support, “90 per cent” of coming legislation “have been fashioned so that we don’t need to call upon the opposition for a 3/5 majority!!!

Capil Bissoon
(via email)
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