Who was behind this kidnapping? …”STUART’S STEP-DAUGHTER SAFE”

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So Krystiana Sankar is safe and sound after it was reported that she was kidnapped on Thursday evening and a ransom demanded.

But many things do not add up, making this story so fishy.

What were the reasons for this kidnapping, the police are asking.


Krystiana, 24, is the stepdaughter of Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Stuart Young. She was liming at the home of her ex-boyfriend at Alfred Street, Crystal Stream, Diego Martin, when around 6.45 pm, she was snatched by three men, two armed with guns and the other with a cutlass.

She was bundled in a white van which disappeared.

Her ex-boyfriend reported the matter to the police. A ransom demand of $100,000 and five packets of marijuana was made for her release to the ex-boyfriend. He told police be believed the men were heading to Bagatelle in Diego Martin.

A ransom of $167,000 was paid, and Krystiana was released from a house at Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin, around 2 am on Friday.

Following Krystiana’s release, Minister Young said, “I would like to thank the TTPS and all arms of law enforcement for their professionalism and efforts. I also thank all of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and nationals who offered their prayers,support during a very difficult time. I am happy that Krystiana is safe.”

Police are now investigating all the circumstances. They are asking the following questions:

Was this a genuine kidnapping?

Did Krystiana know her kidnappers?

How come $167,000 was so easily available to pay to the kidnappers, especially as banks were closed?

Why would the kidnappers ask for marijuana?

Was someone in that house in Alfred Street involved in the drug trade?

Was Krystiana part of this kidnapping to get money from her family?

There is a video circulating on social media showing Krystiana liming with certain suspicious elements?

Are these suspicious people behind this kidnapping?

Or will somebody be held responsible for wasting police time if this turns out to be a hoax?

Minister Young, as someone who goes after the trail since coming into office, would you be going after the people responsible for the kidnap of your step-daughter?

The police say they have suspects in this matter and it is a matter of time before they are arrested and the money recovered.

Only time will tell what is the real story behind this matter.

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