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THE EDITOR: In all of the coverage that has been given to the incident surrounding Fitzgerald Hinds and his public humiliation, there are two elements being overlooked which really warrant further investigation.

This first, the one which should have been the most obvious, was the fact that at the time of the incident Mr. Hinds was acting in the role of Attorney General, which is the second highest office in our government.

What that means, is that other that the Prime Minister, the person is the second most protected and guarded person in the Cabinet. If this is the case therefore, how were the attacks allowed to continue for as long as they did without the intervention of the security personnel whose sole duty is to prevent such “attacks” from occurring? Because, as shown in the footage which covered the incident from multiple angles, even as Mr. Hinds scrambled to escape the situation, at no time was any member of the Special Branch seen either shielding him or preventing the perpetrators from continuing in their dastardly deeds.

The is the argument to be made that Mr. Hinds may have asked his security detail to lag behind, as given the setting for the scenario, such an entourage may have appeared aggressive at a time when he would have wanted to appear sensitive.

That being said however, it is the responsibility of those officers to ensure the safety and security of the acting Attorney General in every instance, as such, instructions that may prevent them from carrying out those duties should be ignored.

Even the President of the United States of America, with all of his power, is restricted in his movements and activities based on the security protocols set out by the US Secret Service.

Given that persons in Beetham Gardens have recently been affiliated with other crimes involving government officials, including the relative of his Ministerial colleague, more planning and preparation should have gone into place for his security, especially if he was to be attacked with something more dangerous that water.

That brings me to my second point, since it has been confirmed that subsequent to the incident a report was filed at the Besson Street Police Station. While the incident would have been humiliating to Mr.

Hinds, especially in the presence of the media, does the matter necessitate further police action?

Yes Mr. Hinds was “attacked” and chased out of the housing project, but the “weapon” used was water, and no bodily harm was incurred.

While I am sure that Mr. Hinds may point to property destruction in regards to his fine suit, a counter-argument could also be made that it would have began accruing damage the instant he began wading through knee the high flood.

Any attorney worth his salt could convince a Magistrate that the matter was trifling enough to have the complaint dismissed. But is it worth taking up the time of the police and the judiciary to that point just to save face after his humiliation?

Ravi Maharaj

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