When Faris became Attorney General …”NO MEMBER OF STAFF WAS FIRED”

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When Faris Al Rawi became Attorney General in September 2015, he met a number of persons in that office who were hired by his predecessor.

These included the secretary and personal secretary, both of whom were on contract. He said the norm was that you fire the personal staff who worked with the previous government.

But he did not do that. He kept both the secretary and personal secretary whom he said are marvelous employees. He said the time had come to stop the notion that persons who worked with a previous government must be fired.

If they are good workers, why get rid of them? he asked.

Al Rawi was the featured speaker at MIC Institute of Technology seminar at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, on Wednesday.

Al Rawi further stated that no member of the staff at the Attorney General’s office was fired. In fact, when others from other Ministries were being terminated, he brought them to the Attorney General’s office.

In his address, Al Rawi said that he was being groomed at Presentation College, San Fernando, to become a doctor. He said an interview was set with the Royal College of Surgeons in London, but he wanted to do something else, which turned out to be law.

Al Rawi graduated at the top of his class at the Hugh Wooding Law School in 1996. But he said never in his wildest dreams, did he ever thought that one day he would be Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago.

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