“What’s the cost of Brian Lara Stadium opening?”

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Princes Town MP Barry Shiva Padarath is calling on Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Darryl Smith, to reveal the cost of the opening ceremony of the Brian Lara Stadium on May 12.

Padarath stated that officials from UDECOTT recently appeared on a morning talk show and indicated that it was in the vicinity of two to three million dollars.

The MP made the call for the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs to put into the public domain the actual figure of expenditure associated with the opening ceremony, inclusive of fees to regional and international players, their accommodation, airfare and entertainment for the event.

In a recent interview, the communications unit of SPORT indicated that at least half of the capacity of the facility was not filled on the day of the opening ceremony. The Princes Town MP said he therefore felt that it was important for the nation to know how government was spending their tax dollars during harsh economic times and amidst allegations of waste, mismanagement and corruption by government officials.

Padarath who has been raising issues associated with the Brian Lara Stadium also called for a full disclosure of the budget breakdown for the opening ceremony and stated that failure for the Minister to provide these answers in a timely manner, he will use other avenues available to him in the law to get the requisite information in the public’s interest.

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