What happened to the probe in Darryl Smith? …”SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET?”

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What has happened to the investigation into the conduct of fired Minister of Sport, Darryl Smith?

A promise of a report in two weeks has reached two months without a word.

On April 12, Stuart Young, Government’s mouth piece, said the public must wait for two weeks for an investigating committee’s report to find out what new information caused Smith to be fired from the Government on two days before.

On April 9, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley removed Smith from the post of Sport Minister, shifting him to being a Minister in the Housing Ministry. This followed the publication of a witness statement by former Sport Ministry employee Carrie-Ann Moreau and allegations of unwanted attention from Smith. The ministry had a settlement with Moreau of $150,000 concerning an issue of improper termination of services.

After Smith was posted to the Ministry of Housing, he was contacted and advised not to go to Housing.

A meeting was then held among the Prime Minister, Smith and Minister of Planning and Development, Camille Robinson-Regis during which new information came to the attention of the Prime Minister.

Smith’s Housing appointment was then revoked.

Rowley appointed a three-member team to thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding the dismissal and payment of compensation to Moreau. The team was expected to report in two weeks.

Rowley also called for all parties involved in any non-disclosure arrangement in the settlement matter will lift such impediment for the public to get the facts.

Way back then, Young said, “He, the Prime Minister, has appointed a very specially formulated committee with the right asset base to do a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the facts with respect to this matter and the Prime Minister will await the outcome of that report—what is found in that report—and we ask that the rest of the population also do so, as we would then release the necessary facts and what is found in the report to the public at the appropriate time.

“A full investigation is taking place. When the report from this full investigation is presented to the Prime Minister, he will then discuss the matters related to and coming out of that report.”

Where is the report? Has the investigation been completed?

Will this be swept under the carpet? Will Smith be exonerated? Time will tell, but when?

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