On the way to Insomnia fete …”12 BAHAMIANS ROBBED”

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Twelve Bahamian tourists and a taxi driver were robbed at gunpoint on Saturday night and relieved of a quantity of United States currency, cell phones, jewelery and other valuables valued at US$10,000.

Police said around 10.30 pm on Saturday, the visitors hired the driver of a yellow-band maxi taxi to take them to the Insomnia fete in Chaguaramas.

In Carenage, the maxi stopped because of traffic. A gunman and his accomplices entered the maxi and robbed the tourists.

The assailants then fled the scene and the driver of the maxi turned around and drove to the Central Police Station in Port of Spain where he reported the incident.

The tourists were interviewed by police.

The visitors told police that they were supposed to leave on Ash Wednesday, but because of the robbery they were contemplating leaving earlier.

The victims said they were advised about the crime situation in the country but never thought they would be victims.

Some of them told police that they came to Trinidad before and their stay here were incident free until now. They have vowed not to return until the crime situation is dealt with.

Police also reported that they had information that other people were robbed on their way to the Insomnia fete on Saturday night.

The team of police officers carried out several searches on Sunday in a bid to recover the stolen items. Police said arrests are imminent and advised the public that it was against the law to purchase stolen items.

Investigations are continuing

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