Watson Duke reaches Toco …THE GREAT SWIM HOAX

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Watson Duke promised to swim from Scarborough to Toco to protest the unreliability of the air bridge and sea bridge.

There was much fanfare that the THA Minority Leader would create history on a journey where only two men are known to have done it. The difference is that these two men trained for the journey, while Duke was making the journey on his Tobago strength.

Duke set off on his 20-mile swim around 8 am on Monday. The start was witnessed by hundreds of people. But after an hour, he started to experience cramps. He completed the journey around 2 pm by being towed by a jet ski and pirogue which had been part of the entourage for the PSA leader.

After he completed the journey, many said it was a great swim hoax as Duke knew in advance that he would have never made it on his own.

Duke came ashore in Toco and addressed the media while holding a banana tree that he had dug up from his own yard, which he intended to plant to mark the first station of a planned ongoing protest of the sea bridge issues.

Duke said that leaving Tobago on Monday morning was the most difficult part, as he was leaving behind family and friends to attempt the feat.

He said many prayed for him and some told him there was no need to jump in the water, as the point had already been made.

Duke was warned by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, maritime experts and others who have attempted the same swim that he was likely heading towards a suicide mission.

He acknowledged all warnings but did not back down, shouldering  heaps of ridicule from citizens as he went along.

Duke said the time had come for Government to put the sea bridge problem to rest and maintained his position that Tobago was being treated with contempt.
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