Wanted man chased and killed

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A man, who was described as a menace and wanted for crimes, was chased, caught and killed in Claxton Bay on Wednesday afternoon, a homicide witnessed by several people.

Kervin Ransome, 23 died at the scene, at Lodge Road, Claxton Bay. Police were told that
Ransome, who lived at Marabella was driving along Lodge Road when his vehicle was struck from behind. This caused his car to crash into a utility pole.

Realizing that he was being attacked, Ransome bolted from his car but was chased by several men, and shot multiple times, He died when here fell. The killing happened at around 2p.m.

Police visited the scene and are searching for the killers. The death toll for the year has reached 282.

Kervin Ransome

Kervin Ransome

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