Vigilante justice claims one life …”IT IS NOW A MURDER”

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Vigilante justice has claimed one life in Oropune Gardens and the police are now pursuing a murder investigation.

Based on statements taken, eyewitness accounts and a video which went viral, at least three persons can be charged with murder. And one of them is a police officer!

After the victim died at hospital, cry baby residents of Oropune Gardens are now regretful, remorseful and sorry for beating a man whom they claimed attempted to lure a five-year-old girl away from a nearby playground. The man turned out to be an innocent victim.

Ashdale Mc Hutchinson, 49, died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, at about 11 am on Sunday.

Mc Hutchinson, who lived at Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, with his mother Jeannette, was visiting his sister Anika and cousin Mario in Oropune Gardens last Wednesday, when he was confronted by a mob of residents. They severely beat him and subsequently hog-tied him before calling the police. Mc Hutchinson was hospitalised since the attack and never regained consciousness.

His sister Anika said, “They didn’t have to tie my brother like a hog and kill him just so, and for nothing. How could these people live with themselves now?”

Mc Hutchinson’s cousin, Mario, said he invited him over to his house on Wednesday for the Indian Arrival Day holiday so that he could eat roti and relax. He said he left to go to a nearby parlour to purchase a cigarette.

Mario added, “I was told that he went to the parlour and got none so he must have went somewhere else and I feel that was when he got lost.

“I was told that he came across the playground and some children were selling chow and he bought out all the chow and gave it away because that is how he was. He was a kind and generous person.”

In a video of the incident that went viral, moments after Mc Hutchinson was smoked out from nearby bushes and badly beaten by the residents, he was heard begging for his life. The residents had accused him of attempting to lure the child by calling her “cousin” but in the video he tried to defend himself, saying he would usually refer to people he would meet as family.

Another sister, Amanda, said “I know my brother, he meant no harm. He was not a vagrant or piper. He worked very hard for his money at the Macoya Market. He was the sole breadwinner at home too. He took care of his mother.”

Anika intervened by saying her brother was robbed. “They robbed him, his new shoes, new cellphone and money. It was nothing else but that. I want justice. Police must lock up everybody from mother to child to everyone who beat him unconscious then revive him by dashing him with water and beating him again.”

Arouca Police have turned the case over to Homicide.

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