Victim’s friend shot dead …IS FARMER’S MURDER LINKED TO DEBE?

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Is the murder of farmer Dave George on Friday linked to the triple murder in Debe on Thursday night? Or was there another motive in this 92nd murder of the year?

Dave George, 53, of Church Street, Penal Rock Road, died after being shot twice in the head and chest. His body remained lying face down in a pasture off Cochrane Trace for eight hours before he was found by a family member.

Police are investigating a report that George’s death was connected to the execution of Kevin Fuller, 31, of Palmyra. He was a friend of Fuller. Fuller was killed along with Terry Edwards, 34, and Sanjay Mahabir, 42, both of Debe, in what police believe to be a reprisal killing at Runway 69 Shorts Restaurant and Bar at Wellington Road on Thursday night.

George’s cousin, Jerome Ferdinand, said George dropped him off at a Marabella market at 4 am on Friday and was supposed to pick him up at 10.30 am.

He added, “When I see 11 am and 12 noon reach and he didn’t show up, I knew something was wrong so I sent my son to look for him in the fields.”

He added that shortly before 1 pm, George was found dead close to the area where his 15 cows were grazing.

Police were told that George had been receiving death threats for the past week from a man who frequented the area where George’s cattle grazed.

“The man had two dogs and he threatened to kill George. I don’t know why,” one relative added.

He explained that George was never married and had no children.
“He was a man who kept to himself. He did not have many friends. All he did was cared for his cows.”

The body was removed to the Forensic Science Centre, Federation Park, for an autopsy on Monday. No arrests have yet been made.

Meanwhile, police continue their investigations into the Debe murders. No arrests have been made.


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