Vicky Boodram back in court again …”PAPER COMMITTAL HEARING”

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Vicky Boodram was back in court on Tuesday!

It was her first appearance in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court after her infamous escape from the Women’s Prison, Arouca, in November.

The State is expected to begin its case Boodram and her ex-husband, Ravi Arjoonsingh, on 109 fraud charges on April 4.

When Boodram and Arjoonsingh appeared before Senior Magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine yesterday, Boodram told the magistrate she was representing herself. Arjoonsingh’s attorney, Jagdeo Singh, was not in court.

The charges stemmed from an allegation that Boodram, then owner of Boodram Travel Tours and Ship Ahoy Cruises Limited, took money from several people for cruises which never materialised.

State attorney Elaine Greene said the State was ready to proceed via paper committal but would prefer to start the cases after dealing with the other unrelated matters against Boodram in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court.

Greene said those matters were scheduled to start on March 21 and she anticipated that hearings in the San Fernando matters would last four days.

Greene said the State intends to select and proceed on some of the charges since the evidence in all was basically the same. The court would then be invited to make a decision on all the matters, based on evidence in the few charges selected.

Greene said the State was also ready to proceed on the money laundering and larceny charges.

Boodram has been before the courts since 2012. However, she has been at the Women’s Prison in Golden Grove, Arouca since last March after she rearrested on unrelated charges which are before the Port-of-Spain Magistrates Court. She was denied bail on those charges.

Last November, she escaped from the Women’s Prison but was recaptured three days later at a house in Penal. Two police officers and another woman were charged in connection to her escape.

Boodram and Arjoonsingh will return to court on January 30.

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