Venezuelans caught with cache …”GUNS FOR FOOD”

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The sooner the security forces put a dent on this, then this country may become a safer place.

The stark reality is that Venezuelans are coming into the country for food. But they are not doing it through legitimate means. They are bringing guns and ammunition into Trinidad in exchange for food. Yes, that is the reality.

They are not coming through the normal channels, but through the coves and rivers. Since the problems started in Venezuela, their nationals have been flocking to this country. Their excuse is that they have fled their country because of the harsh economic circumstances.

But many have decided not to return. They are staying here, working in every nook and cranny, shacking up with Trinidadians, working in places where employers are exploiting them with below the average wages.

So, it came as no surprise when nine Venezuelans were arrested in a house in La Romaine with a cache of firearms and ammunition on Thursday.

While investigators suspect the firearms were brought over to trade for food or cash by the Venezuelans, the fact that the guns were loaded raised suspicions as to whether the men had planned to use them in robberies or related crimes.

Around 2.15 pm, South Western Division Task Force and Penal CID raided a house along James Crescent, La Romaine.

The officers found one Walther .40 pistol fitted with a magazine containing eight rounds of .40 ammunition, one Ruger Speed Six- Calvin .38 special revolver with three rounds .38 special ammunition, one Rossi .38 Special revolver with four rounds .38 special ammunition, an extended magazine, 266 rounds of 9 mm ammunition and six rounds of .40 ammunition. There was also a quantity of cash.
Of the nine suspects, whose ages range from 21 to 46, only one had proper immigration documents. He only arrived in the country three days ago, while the others were believed to have been there just over a week.

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