Two race issues… But only one debate

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There are two significant ethnic-oriented issues currently in the public domain.

The sidelining of Thema Williams as a gymnast contender at the June Olympic Games has garnered much media and public traction.

The allegation of racial discrimination by a wad of fired employees of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) has been confined only to minimal reportage and virtually no media or public commentary.

The Williams issue has quickly escalated into an emotive matter of alleged racial victimisation.

It is being played out through much column inches in the newspapers, on social media and, especially, on free-for-all radio talk shows.

The SSA claim, in which ex-senior employees make damning allegation against a boss, remains subdued, seemingly not deserving of the media and public searchlight.

The authorities have been justifiably called to account on the gymnast hullabaloo, because, after all, the country’s honour and some taxpayers’ dollars are at stake.

The security matter attracted deadpan denial from Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon, and not much else, even though there was a beeline of claimants.

Williams has been correctly termed an elite athlete.

Not much is said about the intrinsic national value of the country’s premier civilian agency.

Truth is that both matters – and all other worthy issues of alleged ethnic discrimination – deserve to be honestly and evenly weighed by national influence shapers.

It says something about the society itself if that is not done.

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