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Two men were killed  between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Auto parts dealer Simon Moss was shot and killed outside his home in St Joseph.

Moss, 42, lived at Agostini Drive with his wife and children. It was reported that Moss was sitting in his vehicle when a lone gunman approached and shot him 13 times. He was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope, where he died.

Police suspect that the killing of Moss was a hit since no attempt was made to rob him before he was shot.

The other man killed was identified as Atiba Hamlet, 30, of Belmont.

The female killer, 27, who fled the scene surrendered to police shortly after they found Hamlet’s body.

Around 4.15 am on Thursday, Hamlet, also known as Toby, was at his home with his girlfriend when they had a heated argument which escalated into a fight.

During the altercation Hamlet’s girlfriend took a sharp object and stabbed him once in the neck when he attacked her.

As he fell to the ground she ran away to get help. Neighbours who heard the quarreling and fight, called Belmont police and officers who were on patrol responded within minutes.

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