Two killed in Pleasantville …”DAD: I WILL KILL THEM”

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A man has sworn to take revenge on those responsible for the death of his son.

Ralph Donaldson, holding a silver pendant, vowed vengeance as undertakers removed the bodies of his son, Jahmie Donaldson, 26, and Akeemie Wilson, 30, at Elm Street, Coconut Drive, Pleasantville on Wednesday.

Around 11.30 am, two men, armed with high-powered guns, alighted from a silver car, ran up to where Donaldson and Wilson were cutting grass and opened fire on them.

They fell to the ground and died on the spot. Wilson, a grass cutter, of Golconda Settlement, was helping Donaldson cut grass at his home before they went further down the street to clean another property owned by the Donaldson’s family.

Ralph Donaldson added, “He and he partner is be here cutting the yard. They gone over a there by a next yard which belongs to all of we.

Some men pass, I don’t know if my son do something or my partner son do something, they pass and just kill them. Watch my face… if I find out who kill them I will kill them seven days a week and twice on a Sunday, I will kill them…yuh don’t do them kind of thing.”

Wilson’s mother, Cleopatra, was inconsolable as she pleaded with the police to see her son’s body.

“I want to see my child. Who do this? Why?”

After the body was put into the undertaker’s van, she was allowed to view his body.

Police could not give any motive for the killings, or whether both men were the intended targets.

Apart from a gas station robbery charge against Wilson more than a year ago, police said neither of the men was known to be involved in criminal activity.
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