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“Dr. Rowley and Stewart Young are becoming ever more adept and sophisticated in their respective abilities to apply ‘spin’ to their stories. Personally, I have never seen this level of sophistry applied locally by public relations experts in their attempt to market their tall tales. It is for this reason that I am convinced that both these gentlemen – certainly Rowley at least – travels that frequently.

He travels to receive monthly instructions on how he should craft or recraft his utterances so that they would contain sufficient half-truth to render them believable – especially when transmitted by electronic media. The latter gives the listener very little time to say yes or no to what is heard or seen. Human beings are fascinating creatures to observe when they deliberately lie or when they consciously accuse others of wrong-doing.
The accuser tends to ‘project’ their sins onto those they wish to implicate. Some would say that they cannot help seeing themselves in the way others act.

Take the issue of Dr. Rowley as a ‘frequent flyer’ as an example. Mr. Padarath suggested to the Prime Minister that over the past 24 months that his government has been in power, the Prime Minister had left the country on seventeen (17) different occasions. Stewart Young protested that “17” was an “imaginary figure.” He insisted that the Prime Minister had traveled only seven (7) times “at taxpayers’ expense.” It is obvious that Young is trying to hoodwink the unwary. In fact, in his attempt to pull the wool over people’s eyes by this crude twist of his tongue, he is worsening the perception of Rowley’s penchant for seeking ‘Aero rewards’ since on ten occasions his reason for leaving on a jet-plane was not to prosecute official business.

What is happening here is that this pattern of frequent flying had been reported long before Rowley came to be Prime Minister and it has continued. Was it not this same man who as Opposition Leader, accused Mrs. Persad-Bissessar of being an “absentee Prime Minister?” While he likes to fly, he prefers to monitor national flooding disasters on his bedroom TV. No worry!

The man he has appointed to head the ODPM told a TV reporter that the flooding is “no big thing!” Rohan Sinanan sought to reassure us that “the Mosquito Creek road has not been closed; it is just that cars cannot pass there.” Hosein’s advice on the nation’s flooding is that we should pray for the rain to stop!

Citizens normally assume that altruism drives people to seek to be elected. Most might think that the rationale behind anyone seeking public office would be to advance the cause of the ‘greater good.’ If that ever had been the case, then those days are surely gone! Even as long ago as when the US founding fathers drafted that country’s constitution they spoke to the idea of ‘foreign’ as well as ‘domestic’ enemies of the state.

The actions of the present government make one wonder whether those in the cabinet are our friends or our enemies. This PNM government says that it has a deficit to fix and for that, it needs to reduce its spending and collect greater revenue. While they say this with one side of their mouths, on the other side, they have imposed an unfair and unequal tax increase of 100% on one targeted sector.

Imbert has provided no hard data to support this unequal treatment even as quite a few Clubs have already begun to close their doors and send home people. The Partnership government’s approach was to offer a ‘tax amnesty’ which successfully resulted in increased tax revenues.

Imbert is out to ‘punish’ tax dodgers – and he should know them! He will force them to pay up even as he is causing them to close down. Rather than amnesty, he insists that a ‘new’ Revenue Authority – which he has to pay 40 million for – is the answer to his cash shortfall.

The man is not only short on height and common sense but lacks compassion as well. He is as obstinate as the mule that carried Rowley from Mason Hall to Les Couteaux. He tried before to force people to pay Property Tax and it got him hardly a cent! What foolishness!!

Steve Smith

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