T&T inspires Fiji at Olympics

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Trinidad and Tobago may not yet have won a medal at the Rio Olympics, but this country is inspiring another island nation.

Fiji, comprised of some 300 islands in the South Pacific and a total population of 900,000, has just won its first Olympic medal – ever.

The island nation beat Great Britain to win gold in rugby.

The sport is considered a “religion” in Fiji.

Olympic observers are already terming the victory one of the feel-good stories of the 2016 games.

Some on the Fiji islands are said to have been motivated by T&T, whose population is only 400,000 more but which has, so far, won a total 18 Olympic medals.

Reports are that virtually the entire Fiji was anxiously huddled around television sets as their rugby team competed for gold.

Banks were closed, classes were suspended and some people fasted in the hope that that would boost their team’s chances of victory.

A public holiday has been declared.
The prime minister joked that work productivity was nil in the run-up to the competition.

There were wild celebrations on the streets and parties everywhere.

Tourists drank cocktails and joined the fun.

For a while, Fiji was the most-Googled word.

Fiji Airways said after the victory that it would only serve beer made on the island.

Virtually all youths on the islands play ruby.

A manager of a tourist resort said that rugby brings the country together.

“We play with our hearts,” he said.

The victory is a particularly great moment for Fiji, which was struck by a deadly cyclone last February.

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