T&T and Chicago – two crime capitals

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Like Trinidad and Tobago, Chicago in the United States is burdened with a high crime rate.

But the authorities in the American city are taking effective action against the scourge of shooting deaths.

Chicago has emerged as the bloodiest US city, beating back New York and Los Angeles, and on a routine weekend there could be several murders.

The authorities have now stepped up their activities and are confronting gun possession and rounding up more and more suspects.

Over the recent Memorial Day weekend, more than 200 people were arrested and a number of guns seized.

There are a lot of wild gun firings, staccato style, in Chicago, and sometimes innocent people get hit, even in their living rooms while watching television.

Since the start of 2016, Chicago residents have called the police 28,000 times to report shootings.

There have been 470 homicides for the year.

Chicago has a population of 2.7 million.

There have so far been 200 murders in T&T, a land of 1.3 million.

The police in Chicago usually respond promptly and effectively, unlike in Trinidad and Tobago.

The authorities admit there are no easy answers and that a lot of the shootings are related to poverty and broken families.

There are a lot of retaliatory killings.

The Chicago Police Department is the second largest municipal force in the US, with some 12,000 officers.

Only a third of Chicagoans say the police are doing a good job – but that may be higher than in T&T.

The police have a modern computer system, in which within minutes of a shooting a victim’s name is displayed, along with any gang ties.

There would be checks to see if the victim has a rating on the police list of people most likely to shoot someone or to be shot.

The police have facial recognition software.

The Chicago police know a lot of the people involved in shootings, and they have visited homes to issue warnings that the authorities are watching them.

A total of 64 people were shot over the Memorial Day weekend, and of those 50 were on the police list.

At least seven were previously shot.

The police have now mounted cameras at several intersections.

A nerve centre has been set up, from which the police monitor the city on an on-going basis.

There are maps which detail the hot spots.

The police could track the locations of gun shots.

The Chicago police are way ahead of their T&T counterparts in the use of modern technology and the electronic documentation assist the officers in that violent-stricken US city.

There is a greater success rate in gun seizures.

There is a minimum one-year sentence for illegal gun possession, but the authorities are looking to increase it to three and a half years, for loaded weapons.

A Chicago clergyman recently said that guns are seen as part of the wardrobe of many people, who prefer risk jail than walk the streets without weapons.

Trinidad and Tobago and Chicago are facing similar crime crises.

The Americans seem to be responding more effectively.

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