Trinidadian couple killed in Brooklyn …”MURDERED BY ENRAGED CUSTOMER”

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A Trinidadian couple murdered on their doorstep in Brooklyn, New York, may have been targeted by a customer enraged that a hex bought from the pair didn’t work.

Stephenson Bonaparte, 65, and Hazel Brown, 59, originally from Trinidad, were ambushed outside their Prospect-Lefferts Gardens home recently after returning from the religious gift shop they own.

That store, King Soloman Religious on Rutland Road in East Flatbush, has become the focus of the police investigation, sources said.

Detectives are looking into the possibility that the pair sold a curse or hex to someone who was less than pleased by its potency, cops sources explained.

“I could see a scenario where maybe someone got ticked off and there maybe might have been a bad magic there,” the couple’s bankruptcy lawyer, Raymond Ragues, told the New York Daily News.

“They did have a funny kind of business — a little occult shop. If you had love problems, you get a soap, if you money problems, you get this the candle,” Ragues said.

Bonaparte and Brown were both facing money woes.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2015, reporting expenses totaling roughly $2,200 a month and only $1,100 in earnings.

She filed for bankruptcy last February, reporting debts totaling about $45,000.

The couple, who lived with Brown’s daughter and granddaughter, was known as affable churchgoers who steered clear of trouble.

Their ski mask-wearing killer stabbed them, then fled without taking anything.

Brown’s adult daughter was home during the 6:40 p.m. attack. Her mother was discovered dead just inside the front door of their Winthrop St. home, cops said.

Bonaparte was knifed outside the house and died at Kings County Hospital.
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Stephenson Bonaparte

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