Trini woman shot dead by husband in Tennessee

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A Trinidadian woman was shot dead by her United States-born husband last Tuesday in Tennessee, United States.

Police have since charged Benjamin Luck with first-degree murder of his 35-year-old wife, Daria Paulina Best-Luck.

Luck told police that he shot his wife repeatedly, even as she retreated and collapsed on a couch. According to reports, around 3:51 p.m. on Tuesday , Montgomery County deputies went to 3630 Houston Road in Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee after Benjamin Luck called 911 and said he had shot his wife.

Deputies and EMS found Best-Luck dead in the home, the Leaf Chronicle reported. According to an arrest warrant, Luck said he was having a domestic dispute with his wife and she told him she would kill him.He got a gun and she got a knife, he told investigators.

“Fearing for his life, (Luck) shot Mrs. Best-Luck multiple times,” the warrant states. But even after the first volley of fire, he kept shooting at her back, because he told deputies he did not know if she still had the knife or if she was “an imminent threat to him as she was moving away from him,” the warrant states.”

The defendant stated that he observed Mrs. Best-Luck as she collapsed on the couch and did not see a knife in her hands and he shot her again as she was lying there.”

Luck, 33, was charged with criminal homicide. He was booked into the Montgomery County Jail and was ordered to be held without bond. The couple’s three young children were in the home at the time of the shooting. They were not harmed during the incident. They were taken into custody by DCS and placed in the home of a family friend.

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