Transfer of the Manhattan apartment …”DILLON STIRS MORE CONFUSION”

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Oropouche East MP, Dr Roodal Moonilal says Edmund Dillon has stirred more confusion in his response to the transfer/sale of a Manhattan apartment to his long time friend, Neville Piper.

In a release issued on Thursday, Moonilal stated:

“Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon has stirred more confusion and bewilderment in the latest saga of his New York apartment drama.

Mr. Dillon’s statement to the media that he voluntarily returned the disputed condominium ignores the fact that he was earlier taken to court on the matter. He had appeared as a defendant before a New York District Court.

“The Minister’s statement about a voluntary return of the luxury apartment creates further urgency for full disclosure on the chaotic property affair in which he has now been embroiled for several months.

“He must explain why he returned the apartment of his own accord if, as he has repeatedly insisted, the Court had found no evidence of unlawful activity by him.

Official documents have listed Mr. Dillon as bearing a New York mailing address,promoting questions about whether he has paid property and other taxes in that city.

“In addition, he must indicate whether he made the relevant disclosure to the Integrity Commission.

He must also state whether he holds dual citizenship or residency status in the United States.

The on-going property scandal has further impaired the credibility and standing of Mr. Dillon as Minister of National Security, during which time he has presided over the worst crime spiral in Trinidad and Tobago’s history. And quite fittingly is now the subject of an ongoing Motion of No Confidence in the nation’s Parliament.

“The issue further defines Mr. Dillon as weak, lacking leadership skills and unsuited for national office. His miserable report card now includes a protracted property row and refusal to lay out the facts to a frustrated and dissatisfied nation.

The Prime Minister must urgently consider the “Be it resolved” part of the motion and comply promptly.”

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