Transfer of Manhattan condo …DILLON: “I DID NOTHING WRONG”

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Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon is still saying that he did nothing wrong with respect to a Manhattan million-dollar luxury condo in New York.

Dillon insisted that the condo was gifted to him by his friend, Neville Piper. The Minister said he felt the need to give it back in the wake of the property dispute which developed surrounding the matter.

Dillon said using the word ‘sold’ was not feasible because it was a transaction involving a deed and the transfer of property, which involved a standard fee (US$10) to transfer the said property.

He added, “It is transferred, which I did voluntarily.” He stated the condo was a gift to him and because there was never any ill intent behind it in the first place, he merely returned it. It is simple as that.

Dillon appeared before the New York Supreme Court on April 4 to settle the property dispute brought against him by Piper’s niece, Esther Nicholls, who alleged that Dillon had sought to defraud Piper of his property and bank account. In a subsequent release, Dillon said then that there had been no finding of wrongdoing against him.

Oropouche East, Dr Roodal Moonilal, had called on Dillon to explain the US $10 sale.

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