Top national award, but What is Jupiter’s role in $b WGTL issue?

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Energy expert Andrew Jupiter has received the country’s second highest award – but his role in the multi-billion-dollar World Gas-To-Liquids (WGTL) issues remains cloudy.

And there is still no word on whether Petrotrin, which Jupiter chairs, recently gave a retroactive salary adjustment to his wife Clarise – long after her retirement on November 30, 2013 – in order to bump up her pension.

Nor has there been any explanation on how the Jupiter-led Board of Directors appointed Fitzroy Harewood as President last October even though he had not been short-listed by the head-hunting human resource firm.

Jupiter, acknowledged as knowledgeable and experienced in the energy sector, received the Chaconia Medal (Gold) on Independence Day.
He was appointed Chairman of State-owned Petrotrin by the Dr. Keith Rowley administration.

The Board of Directors decided in March not to pursue legal action on the WGTL issue against former Executive Chairman Malcolm Jones.

When that decision became a national stink, Jupiter said last May that he was not at the meeting which took the controversial decision.

There has never been any official word on who chaired that Board meeting and what guided the highly contentious decision.

Jupiter had previously served as a member of the Board of the petroleum company and, in October 2011, was one of the directors who received pre-action protocol letters from the then-People’s Partnership government.

But there was never any follow-up action and eventually a suit was filed only against Jones.

Jones was accused of failing to heed multiple expert warnings on WGTL and breaching his fiduciary duties, leading to heavy losses by the company.

The withdrawal of the suit means no one would be held accountable for the WGTL scandal.

On another matter, TT Whistleblower had earlier reported that Clarise Jupiter had written to then-President Khalid Hassanali indicating that she was retiring and asking for “a salary increase that would impact my pension.”

She also wrote to the vice president of exploration and production requesting “a 10 per cent increase in my salary effective from one year prior to my retirement.”

She was reportedly offered a five per cent increase.

She took the matter to the Equal Opportunity Commission.

The outcome of that matter is not known and neither is it known if Petrotrin re-opened the files under the current Andrew Jupiter-chaired Board of Directors.

With respect to Harewood’s appointment, it was revealed that he was not among the 40 people who had applied for the top job.

But he was named last October to heads the petro giant.

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