Tobagonians respond to Rowley …”DISRESPECT, NEGLECT”

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Nobody is bad taking Tobago, Prime Minister!

According to Tobagonians, it is the Prime Minister who has been disrespectful and neglecting the island of Tobago, where Dr Keith Rowley was born.

For Tobagonians, they are against Rowley and the Government for the way they are treated with the near collapse of the sea bridge.

The disrespect was increased when on Thursday night Rowley said the Galleons Passage vessel was not a fast ferry and if people wanted a fast ferry, don’t travel on the Galleons Passage.

Instead of reassuring Tobagonians that better days are coming, he used his time to call on citizens to stop bad talking Tobago.

After referring to the acquisition of the Galleons Passage ferry, efforts to lease a fast ferry later this year, two new fast ferries being bought from Australia and the Sandals Tobago project, the PM said, “Let me just appeal to you all here in Tobago, don’t be your own worst enemies.

“If I was in Trinidad, as I am, and I wanted somewhere to go, the last place I want to go is Tobago, because you get on as if Tobago is a hell-hole.

“Those who are inclined to come to Tobago will look somewhere else.”

Rowley said his St Lucian friends told him about many nationals of this county were going to St Lucia because they are being told, “don’t come to Tobago.”

He added, “What you have to understand is that when you get into a difficulty, whatever the nature of the difficulty, you work your way out of it.

“Tell the rest of the world – especially Trinidad –Tobago is open for business.”

He reminded the audience the Galleons Passage is not a fast ferry, saying, “If you want speed, don’t go on it.”

Rowley said these two vessels and the TT Spirit should give Tobago adequate service, until two new fast ferries arrive from Australia by mid-2020 – election year.

He advised people to make the most of what is available. He said the Galleons Passage will eventually service Tobago from the proposed Toco port, while another ferry service will sail from Port of Spain to Tobago.

After saying ferries are not bought in markets or hardware stores, the Prime Minister said the firing of two senior people from the Port Authority “should be a wake-up message for you here in Tobago.”

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