Time for the Minister to talk about security …”TESTING CLINIC FOUND”

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It had to be a big joke! Terrance Deyalsingh must explain how a man could walk onto the Port-of-Spain General Hospital compound and drive away with a mobile clinic containing important medical supplies.

Is the security so slack at the hospital that no one properly checked when that mobile clinic was driven away?

Deyalsingh, as Minister of Health, is always vocal, but he is somewhat silent now.

Thankfully, a resident spotted the vehicle off St Lucien Road, Diego Martin hours after it was stolen early on Thursday. He called the police and the vehicle was secured.

According to police, around 1.45 p.m, a team of police officers found the three-ton Mitsubishi truck parked along St Lucien Road, Diego Martin fully intact.

Police said a man arrived at the hospital around 6 pm on Wednesday, walked over to the main security office where he produced a badge that appeared to have been issued from the South West Regional Health Authority.

He was handed the keys to the truck as security officers thought he was the bonafide driver.

At around 5.10 a.m. on Thursday he left the compound with the truck.

Hospital officials later realised that the truck was loaded with thousands of dollars worth of medical testing equipment that could not be accounted for and they called the police.

The vehicle was loaded with equipment for HIV testing. Police are now searching for a suspect.

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