Three days after she disappeared… MISSING BANK WORKER FOUND DEAD

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Three days after she was reported missing, bank employee, Shannon Banfield, has been found dead….murdered.
Her body was discovered on Thursday afternoon inside IAM warehouse, 39 Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain.
Shannon was last seen alive on Monday afternoon when she left Republic Bank, Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, to get a taxi to go to her home at Cantaro Village, Santa Cruz. Shannon needed to take two taxis to reach home.
The woman’s identity was confirmed by homicide officers called to the scene.
Shannon’s clothing was torn, and preliminary investigations revealed she may have been strangled.
Her mother Sherry Ann Lopez had made appeals for help in finding her child, who left work on Monday and never came home.
Lopez said Shannon, a devout Christian and member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, would never have run away, and that she had fallen victim to crime.
Lopez said Shannon, who secured a job as a customer service representative in Port of Spain three months ago, would not normally travel home but on Monday, the family could not pick her up.
Shannon last made contact with her mother after going to Pennywise Cosmetics store on Charlotte Street, on Monday afternoon.
She also told her mother that she would be going to IAM and Company to purchase items there. Police found several Pennywise bags near the body.

After Shannon failed to return home on Monday, Lopez said no one had called with information on her daughter’s whereabouts and the cellphone was switched off.

She said, “But people are calling and offering prayers and support. I want to thank the public for their words of encouragement, it means a lot. But I don’t want you to give up on Shannon. Keep her in your prayers.”
Investigators are viewing CCTV footage from businesses in Port-of-Spain, hoping to find some information on what happened the day Banfield disappeared.
Lopez, a mother of two, said she would usually drop Shannon off to work and pick her up on evenings. “But when I am working late she would take a taxi home. On Monday she went to IAM and then to Pennywise after work and then called me. I told her I was working late and she said she would take a taxi. I warned her to be careful because I know what was happening in the country now. When I got home and asked my 12-year-old son, he said Shannon didn’t come home yet,” she recalled.
Lopez said she knew her daughter did not run away from home and believed she was taken against her will.

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