Threat to disrupt Carnival …”SECURITY FORCES IN CHARGE”

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Carnival Monday went off as normal as can be except for the two fatal stabbings in Chaguanas and San Fernando, and the assault by a group of 50 men to rob members of a band at Nelson Mandela Park, St Clair.

There were no signs of any other threat to disrupt Carnival. The police and Defence Force were out in their numbers. On Tuesday, they are preparing for a longer day and keeping their eyes on persons who may want to carry out any plans.

Last Thursday, the police revealed plans to disrupt the Carnival. Over the past four days, eight persons were detained.

On Monday, an El Socorro resident was detained by for questioning about the so-called the plot to disrupt Carnival. Police searched several premises, including the Darul Uloom Islamic school, in Cunupia.

The search at Darul Uloom began at mid-afternoon.

Police conducted searches at the Pundit Street, El Socorro premises of a man on Monday and took him away for questioning. The man allegedly had books on Islamic, commerce and one about “Justification for Jihad.”

Police also searched another apartment downstairs at the same address. It was the home of another youth who had already been detained in Tobago.

The family of detainee Tariq Mohammed, 35, yesterday sent a letter to the acting CoP demanding the release of Mohammed.

Shamoon Mohammed, father added, “Our lawyer sent the letter seeking his immediate release since 72 hours have passed since he was detained and he should not be held further.”

“If we don’t hear from them by phone within a certain time and he’s not freed we’ll move to serve a writ of habeas corpus Tuesday seeking a decision by a judge in chambers to have him freed.”

“We haven’t been told the basis for his detention. The officer where he’s detained told us he didn’t know what he’s being held for or the status of the probe. The authorities’ public statements haven’t been specific on why he’s being held either.”

He said the family has been able to bring clothes, food and water to Mohammed, but couldn’t see him. Tariq is being held at the Belmont Police Station.

Relatives of other detainees felt the men were being held throughout the full Carnival celebration period.

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