Thousands of illegal immigrants in TT …WALK ON ARIAPITA AVENUE

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Dennis Moses has to be joking when he says there are 15,042 people in Trinidad and Tobago illegally.

Somebody in Immigration has given him wrong figures.

Moses, who is the Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs, is now acting National Security Minister. Of that figure, he says there are 1,015 illegal Venezuelans here. Wow Minister, take a walk along Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook and you would see differently.

Since the problems started with the Nicolas Maduro administration two years ago, Venezuelans have been flocking to Trinidad with the majority not returning. They have stayed here on the pretext they are students.

But a lot of them have been set up in the gyro business and operating openly.

Let the Immigration authorities make a sweep and they will find out the numbers.

The Venezuelans are not even reporting to their Embassy in Port-of-Spain. They are operating here with impunity and are even rude to their customers.

Unlike the Chinese who come here illegally and lie low, the Venezuelans are loud and noticeable.

Many Venezuelans are coming through the back door, with reports that some of them are paying huge sums to authorities to turn a blind eye. For example – Cedros.

According to Moses, between January 1 and May 1, 2017, he said there were 15,042 illegal  immigrants in this country. This comprised 1,015 Venezuelans, 326 Colombians, 217 from the Dominican Republic, 183 Chinese, 65 Guyanese, 39 Nigerians and 20 Jamaicans.

So where are the numbers of those from the other Caribbean islands such as Grenada and St Vincent who come here and never returned?

Moses, who is in charge of the Immigration Division, must call for a proper investigation in this matter. Should he do so, he will realise there are more than 100,000 illegal immigrants living in this country.

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