Thousands march in Venezuela ‘There is no food’

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The Venezuelan crisis deepened Thursday as huge numbers of people staged a protest march in Caracas.

CNN quoted one woman as saying: “There is no food. There is no paper. There is no medicine. We are dying.”

She added: “Please help Venezuela. This has to end. (President Nicolas) Maduro, you have to understand that your time is up.”

Police officers stood with riot gear as the protestors filled major streets in the Venezuelan capital.

Maduro has claimed that the political opposition wants to destabilise Venezuela and of staging an economic war.

Six major opposition figures have been arrested in recent times.

Maduro said he was signing a decree to strip lawmakers of their immunity so they can be prosecuted for crimes.

Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles said the government was trying to prevent public marches.

“Maduro is afraid,” Capriles said.

“The more obstacles there are, the more people will peacefully be in the streets,” he stated.

The quality of life in Venezuela continues to decline, with an inflation rate of 700 percent, a national economic decline of 10 per cent and crippling shortages of food and medicine.

There is also a high incidence of crime and electricity blackouts.

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