The night before he appeared happy …”COP FOUND HANGING”

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On Saturday night, Corporal Ian Hamilton sang his heart out with the police band at a charity concert.

On Sunday morning, he was found hanging in the band room. Unbelievable!

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has expressed its deepest condolences at the unfortunate passing of Hamilton.

According to a statement from the TTPS, Cpl Ian Hamilton’s body was found hanging in the Dormitory of the Police Band Room at Riverside Compound around 7a.m Sunday by a colleague.

Investigators were immediately called in and his family was notified the incident.

Corporal Hamilton had fifteen (15) of service in the Police Band and up until Saturday night, he played alongside his band mates at a charity event.

Hamilton had been battling depression after the passing of his fiancee, who died from cancer last year.

What is strange was Hamilton played with the Police Band at a fund raiser on Saturday night and appeared happy.

A colleague said Hamilton showed no sign of being in distress and he even serenaded a woman during the function.

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