The killing fields of West Trinidad …”WOMAN SHOT DEAD”

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Like a blight has taken over west Trinidad over the past two weeks.

After three double-murders in what police say were gang related, comes news that a woman was shot dead in Petit Valley on Friday morning.

Melanie Jones, 29, returned home around 10.30 pm on Thursday and went into her one bedroom apartment.

According to reports, residents of Second Street, Sparrow Drive, Petit Valley, reported hearing explosions around 3 am.

They later found Melanie Jones with a single bullet wound to the head, lying outside her apartment. The police were contacted and on arrival found Jones already dead. Jones worked with CEPEP.

This killing remains a mystery as police have no motive. But residents believe it was domestic-related.

The body was removed to the Forensic Sciences Centre, Federation Park, for an autopsy on Friday.
Investigations are continuing.

Jones’ killing was the ninth in the west in recent times.

Last Sunday, two men Jabari Goodridge, 21, and Adrian ‘Blackie’ Charles, 39, was shot dead at Hillaire Street, Diego Martin.

The very next day, two men were killed in an apartment at Harding Place, Cocorite. Two men were also killed near the Valley Harps pan yard, Petit Valley, last week.


A Malick man was shot and killed while in a hammock on Thursday.

Patrick John, 27, also known as Ratty, was struck in the head and died at hospital.

At about 12.35 p.m.on Thursday, Police responded to a wireless communication that residents heard gunshots at Upper Seventh Avenue.

Eyewitnesses said that John was in a hammock outside his home when a man came up to him at close range and opened fire.

A resident took John to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he died.

Inline image
Inline image
Jabari Goodridge and Adrian ‘Blackie’ Charles

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