The day Fitzie ran for his life …”SNAKE” CHARGED FOR BEATING MP

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Fitzgerald Hinds will not rest until one of his constituents is charged with throwing muddy water on him.

Well, the police have charged one man with that offence, although several persons were photographed kicking dirty water on their Member of Parliament on August 14 in the Beetham Gardens.

On Saturday, police charged Richard Marcelle,“Snake” of Beetham Gardens, with assault by beating and use of obscene language against MP Fitzgerald Hinds. This stemmed from the incident at Beetham Gardens during a walkabout.

Marcelle was one of 18 persons who were arrested on Friday morning during a police exercise by officers of the Inter Agency Task Force.

On August 14, Hinds, accompanied by Councillor for Beetham/Picton, Akil Audain, held an impromptu walkabout to meet with residents affected by flooding following two days of heavy rainfall.

According to reports, while at 16th Street, Beetham Gardens, Hinds was confronted by angry residents who told him to get out of the area.

During his conversation, residents started chasing both Hinds and Audain telling them to “get out of here”.

Hinds responded by saying, “I am here to help the people”, however, some individuals started kicking water at him. He then began walking away.

His walk turned into a run as the Minister was chased by people who continued splashing the flood waters on both men. Hinds and Audain ran to their vehicles.

They were not accompanied by security during their walkabout. But residents who were present said Hinds showed them attitude and that is what caused the incident. They say Hinds had been unreachable as an MP and when he did show up in the Beetham, “he behaved as if the visit was a pot of gold.”

After the incident, Hinds reported the matter and gave a statement to the Besson Street Police. Audain made no report.

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