Termination of Ocean Flower 2 contract … OWNERS WANT A SECOND CHANCE

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The owners of the Ocean Flower 2 wants a second chance from the Port Authority.

Two days after the one year contract was terminated by the Government, the owners sent their vice-president to Trinidad seeking to convince the Port Authority to reverse the decision to terminate the contract.

The Port Authority and the vice president and partner of Bridgemans Services Group LP, Andrew Purdey, held a secret two-hour long meeting on Thursday to discuss the termination of the contract.

The Ocean Flower 2 was leased in July by Port Authority for one year at a daily charter rate of US$26,500 (TT$185,500), but the port terminated the deal on Tuesday because was yet to arrive here despite agreeing to getting here by July 15.

Purdey met with deputy PATT chairman Adrian Beharry and port officials, as well as a legal team from the Ministry of Works at 11 am at the Port of Port-of- Spain administrative building for the talks.

Purdey attempted to salvage the deal by offering the Port Authority a month-long free trial of the Ocean Flower II to prove the vessel’s worth on the sea bridge.

Purdey had very little to say following the meeting. Asked if Bridgemans Services intended to take legal action against the port for terminating the contract, Purdey’s response was, “You can speak to the port, they have all the information. Thank you.”

Purdey said the accusations leveled against his company in the local media was not accurate.

Asked about possible issues that the Ocean Flower 2 was not sea worthy, Purdey said the information was not factual.

He added, “I think the media down here is crazy. They have so little bearing on the truth. It is interesting how it all evolves.”

Bridgemans also supplied the cargo vessel, the Cabo Star, to the Port Authority. That vessel arrived in July and is in operation on the sea bridge.

Andrew Purdey

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