Teacher presents a bogus $25M cheque …”WAS SHE MAD?

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When a teacher turned up at her credit union with a $25 million cheque, red flags were raised.

She wanted to buy shares. Who would walk with a $25 million cheque to buy shares just like that? So the credit union called the police and the teacher was arrested.

Mavis Medina, 43, of Ecclesville, Rio Claro, appeared before Magistrate Kerri Honore-Narine in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday charged with attempting to obtain $25 million by false pretense.

Medina was denied bail and remanded to the St Ann’s Hospital for psychiatric treatment. The case was adjourned to May 29.

It is alleged that Medina went to the Teachers Credit Union, Maraval Road, Newtown, on Monday and presented two cheques – one for $110,000 and the other for $25 million.

The first cheque was to repay a loan and the second was to buy shares at the credit union. It was discovered that the cheques were bogus and she was immediately arrested by the Fraud Squad.
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