TATT threatens radio/tv stations …”DICTATORSHIP”

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Not long after the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) warned television and radio stations about the song “Rowley Mudda Count”, chutney artiste, Nermal “Massive” Gosine responded by saying this country is heading down the road to a dictatorship.

Gosine has been under pressure from various quarters about his 2018 controversial song, which has been the talking point on social media for days. But the more he is harassed, the song has taken off on social media.

The following is Gosine’s response to the TATT threats:

“The unprecedented and historic move by the Telecommunications Authority (TATT) to threaten broadcasters to ensure that they do not play my song shows that we on the road to dictatorship.

The reference to the potential denigration of women as justification for this ban is ironic as no one has been more guilty of such denigration than De Keith Rowley of the “kyat” “jammetry” “nipple” and “grooming” fame. I therefore call upon TATT to issue a similar warning to broadcasters against covering speeches of Dr Keith Rowley!

Dr Rowley and the PNM are using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut and in so doing, exposing their bias and dictatorial tendencies.

TATT has never seen it fit to ban dancehall, dub and rap music from the likes of Vybez Cartel, Lady Saw, Movado and Drake whose sexually explicit songs promote violence and reduce women and mothers to sex objects. Likewise, there was no move to ban other calypsoes that used double entendre and sexual innuendo.

* Where was the TATT ban that spoke to Oma’s “big account” which is far worse than my use of the word “count”?

*  Where was TATT ban against “Panday like Ato-tea”?

* Where was the TATT ban against Shak when he sang “So tell this ruling Partnership, in this gay- elle they gets no mercy. Not the COP, the UNC, neither NJAC or TOP Line up the first letters. Read between the lines carefully, that spelling C—…but wait T&T yuh see?”

* Where was the TATT ban when Cro Cro’s obsession with the Indian community resulted in him urging bandits to kidnap the children of Indian businessmen?

* Where was the TATT ban on the live coverage of Calypso Fiesta and Dimanche Gras where every year Indians were targeted, vilified and denigrated in the worst possible manner?

The PNM is in control of TATT and is using it to further its political agenda against me. They will only succeed in making my song more popular as it is now constantly shared via what’s app and on social media and played by the ordinary man. As evidence of this, I have moved from 3756 views before their attack to almost 100,000 views on you tube. The more they try to oppress this song, the more it will become the people’s anthem”.
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