Suspended SRP faces eviction

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The Special Reserve Police officer whose photographs went viral on social media is facing possible eviction from her apartment.

The Police Social and Welfare Association is calling on acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to reconsider his decision with respect to the suspension of the officer.

The association said the officer’s landlord is now threatening to evict her.

The photos of the SRP lying on a couch in her police uniform, in what appears to be a seductive position, managed to make its way onto social media last weekend. The photos were taken in an office on London Street, Port-of-Spain, in 2016.

The SRP, who was assigned to the Transit Unit, was suspended without pay on Tuesday and has sought legal advice from attorney Christophe Rodriquez.

Members of the association met with the officer on Thursday.

After the pictures were published, the association said they would challenge any decision to dismiss her.

President of the association, Inspector Michael Seales, said the association would be asking the commissioner to reconsider his decision based on the welfare of the officer.

He added “She is pregnant and is the single mother of a seven-year-old. She has already been threatened with eviction from the landlord and how she would pay the rent and those factors we must consider as an association in our representation of her.”

Seales said the letter, given to the SRP from the acting Commissioner of Police, could only be a constructive dismissal.

“As an organisation the Police Service can do much better than that with the practice of hiring SRPs.”

He said the association strongly advocated for the absorption of the SRPs into the permanent staff.

Seales declared, “So when situations like this arise they would be suspended with half pay. She will have no money now and she is a young mother without money and a daughter and in her first trimester.”

Seales said the association is not saying that she should not be punished but not suspended.

He said the person who published the photos should also be punished.

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