Suspect chased and beaten …”MURDER IN THE CROISEE”

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Another woman has been killed in a domestic-related incident. That brings to 14 the number of women killed in 2018.

On Wednesday, Anita Bahadur, 27, of Evelyn Trace, San Juan, was stabbed at the busy Croisee area, San Juan, around 2.30 pm on Wednesday. She later died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope.

The suspect was chased by eyewitnesses, including a soldier, and given a good cut tail before he was handed over to the San Juan Police.

One witness to the murder, Aldwin Samuel, said the suspect walked up to Bahadur and asked her for his gold chain and money.

Samuel, 59, said, “I was sitting and he was standing up next to me watching  across the road. I noticed when he walked across the road and walked past the woman. Then he walked back to her and stood at her side. He asked her for his gold chain and money.

“Then I saw the man start to stab her. He ran and I took off behind him. About three of us and an army man made it four. We held him by the book store and we beat him. When the police came, we hand him over.”

Samuel said he later learnt that the man and Bahadur were seen a few minutes before the stabbing incident at a nearby grocery engaged in a conversation.

Samuel said, “I was told that he was telling her that she owed him $80,000 before he left and walked away.”

Samuel said he was saddened to see Bahadur, a mother of four, lying motionless on the stretcher after the attack.

He said, “This was just awful. So sad for me to go and look at her. I just told myself that she gone. It was a hurtful thing, really wasn’t nice to see. I just feel proud that we were able to hold the man and give him to the police.”

Garvin Tesheira was another witness who chased the suspect.

He added, “The man had a big, long knife. I saw the blood and when he jumped up and run, I ran him down and we held him and beat him.”

An autopsy will be performed on Bahadur at the Forensic Science Centre, Federation Park, on Thursday.

A bloodied suspect remains in custody. Investigations are continuing.

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