Sukhdeo’s widow turns to Facebook …”RELATIVE KILLED SHERON”

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Rachael Sukhdeo, widow of slain businessman Sheron Sukhdeo, has blamed one of Sheron’s relatives for his murder and other murders around the family over the last six weeks.

Rachael took to Facebook on Sunday to state her case, which has been widely condemned in posts.

This is what Rachael posted:

“U all were always inseparable…..u loved my brothers more than yr own cos yr brother always hated u an wanted to kill u @sherons_auto…….if u didn’t know how to dance rat face wlda kill u long before.

Now u gone an also Phillip but I wish him luck in killing me:joy:. Is how he playing best brother now like he was genuinely missing u when in fact he cldnt wait to take yr place……but better than he!!!! Rest up buddies:heart::heart: U took a part from me that I never knew existed @basantphillip. Love u brother:heart::heart::heart: I leave everything in the hands of God:pray:. He knows best”

Some Facebook posts supported Rachael, telling her to take her children and and money and leave the country.

So based on her revelation, will the police take this seriously and investigate it? At this stage, police have no clue who killed Sheron and why. No one is talking except Rachael. Neighbours and friends are unwilling to take any information to the police for fear of being killed.

Sheron was shot dead on March 26 after he was lured into the street in front his mother-in-law’s home in Charlieville. On April 22, Joshua Plaza, of Savannah Heights, Charlieville, the man believed to have carried out the hit on Sheron’s life, was also killed. On that day he received a call to come outside and when he did, he was shot several times. This was exactly the way Sheron died.

Two Fridays ago, Rachael’s brother, Phillip Bassant, was shot dead not too far where Sheron was killed. No one has been arrested in connection with these murders.

One thing is certain – police believe the bloodshed is not over and more persons will be killed.

Police believe that Rachael’s life is in danger, based on her recent Facebook post.

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