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Ishmael Ali, managing director of IAM and Company Limited, wants justice for Republic bank employee, Shannon Banfield, who was found dead on Thursday in the storeroom of his store on Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain.

Since the discovery of Shannon’s body, IAM has been the butt of criticism from the public who has gone as far to call for a boycott of the store.

“I too wish that Shannon Banfield gets the justice that she deserves.”

Ali said around 1.30 pm on Thursday, his son informed him that an employee found a dead body at the retail branch located at 39 and 41 Charlotte Street, Port-of- Spain.

The employee stumbled upon the body as he was searching for the cause of a bad odour.

Most members of staff believed the cause of the odour was a dead rat.

On being informed of the incident, Ali said he contacted the police, closed the store and asked all employees of the branch to remain.

Within 20 minutes, he said, Senior Superintendent of Police Radcliffe Boxill visited his head office at the Trincity Industrial Estate, where the main camera system is kept. He was unable to access the footage due to technical complications.

He said Boxill then informed him that the police would retrieve the CCTV footage from the Charlotte Street branch, the statement said.

Ali said a digital video recorder was handed over to the police.

Ali expressed disappointment that some media houses were “publishing false accusations against me and my company. I have never said that I am in a hurry to re-open my Charlotte Street branch for Christmas.”

His family, staff and himself, he said, were “truly grieved and regret this most unfortunate incident” and they are assisting the police with what is “necessary to catch the perpetrators of this horrid crime”.

Ali said the company requested all staff members cooperate fully with the police, advised the police of the status of the employees and provided them with copies of identification cards.

“I do whatever is necessary to ensure my staff and customers are safe as possible. I have a good relationship with all members of staff as their period of employment ranges from five years to 36 years. We have few members of staff who have been employed with the company for under five years.”

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